US Makes Changes In Visa Schemes To Attract Tourists

Washington – The United States Travel Association has taken a decision to change the existing visa schemes of the nation so as to attract more tourists, particularly from developing economies like India, Brazil and China. A report by the organization showed that the “antiquated” visa schemes of the States quite often drives away tourists to other countries.

The figures released by USTA has showed that although tourism is the biggest industry export sector in the United States, the country has failed to keep up with other parts of the world, like Western Europe, as a major tourist destination in the last decade. In the last decade, i.e., from 2000 to 2010, developing nations like India, Brazil or China, global long-haul travel has grown by 140 percent and is estimated to double by the next decade. But the USA said that only a small part of that tourism and the revenue of billions of dollars that was created, went to them.

According to the research conducted by the United States Travel Association (USTA), if the existing system is upgraded then it could help create 1.3 million new employments across the country and earn more than $859 billion for the country’s economy.

The plan by the USTA focuses on increasing staffing, reducing waiting times for visa interviews and expanding the Visa Waiver Programme.

“The United States imposes unnecessary barriers on international visitors, and that inhibits our economic growth.