Beaches are Truly Paradise for the Majority of People

Beaches are truly paradise for the majority of people, and even the most stressed out individual can feel calm at the beach. Thailand has some seriously beautiful beaches that boast gorgeous views, white sand and crystal clear waters.  One you have found an amazing hotel such as the Viengtai Hotel found on you may wish to pack your beach bag and head of in search of paradise.

So leave your Hotel and get out there: Here is a top ten list of beaches near Bangkok if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hua HinHua Hin
This spectacular beach is the oldest beach resort in Thailand, and back in the 1920s’, the royal family used to visit it. This beach will take your breath away because the water is so clear, it looks transparent. The views are absolutely spectacular, and sun bathers can rejoice at the fact that there’s always sunshine pouring over the bay. Hua Hin stretches for 3 miles, and it is the perfect place for a beachside jog or horseback riding expedition.

Cha Am
Although it isn’t as popular as Hua Hin, Cha Am is a great place for some
rest and relaxation. Cha Am is very close to Bangkok, and it’s always very quiet since most tourist visit other beaches. This beach is filled with gorgeous trees that provide ample amounts of protection from the blazing sun. The water isn’t as clear as other beaches, but it’s always warm.

Ao Prao
Ao Prao, which means paradise bay, truly lives up to its name. The sand is soft and clear, the view is to die for, and the water is warm and clear. As a result of its beauty, numerous resorts are stationed at this beach. Activities offered at this beach include boat and kayak tours.

Koh Si Chang
The ideal adjective to describe Koh Si Chang is beautiful. It has everything a beach needs to have: clean sand, blue waters, hills to explore and more than enough shade. Koh Si Chang is absolutely beautiful, but it is rarely visited by tourists. This is literally a perfect piece of heaven on earth and you won’t want to return to your hotel but stay here forever.

Pattaya Beach
If you’re an active person, then visiting this beach is the best thing you can do. This gorgeous beach has lovely emerald waters and unique golden sand. Furthermore, there is a bunch of watersports you can partake in at Pattaya Beach.

Naklua Beach
Naklua Beach is definitely Pattaya’s quietest beach, which makes it ideal for fishing. The waters are great for beginner surfers because the waves aren’t too large. There are a few hotels in close proximity to this beach, and there are plenty of amazing seafood eateries nearby as well.

Jomtien Beach
This quiet beach offers a gorgeous 9-mile strip of beach that’s perfect for running. There are numerous activities you can enjoy while visiting Jomtien Beach, and they include the following: parasailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, sun bathing and swimming. The sand is a very lovely golden color, and the water is warm and clear.

Hat Sai Kaeo
This beach is very popular amongst tourists, so it’s best to avoid it during the weekends. Hat Sai Kaeo is very close to Bangkok, and there is ample amounts of shade thanks to a multitude of trees.

Ao Wong
The second most popular beach in Thailand, Ao Wong is home to crystal clear waters and lovely white sand. There are tons of things you can do at this beach, and there are plenty of resorts and restaurants nearby.

Kog Lipe
Kog Lipe is located on a small island near Langkawi island (Malaysia) This beach offers spectacular diving spots that are filled with varied and interesting sea life.